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Smoked Salmon Spring Roll

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Nikumaki Onigiri



TSUKADA NOJO is specialist in beauty collagen stock. Our product is made from the safe and secure ingredients directly from famers.

Organic JIDORI Chicken by our farm in japan

“TSUKADA NOJO” is located in Miyazaki prefecture, Kyushu Japan.It has the most historical and popular way of poultry raising. Miyazaki Jitokko known as the organic chicken is appreciated by everyone. We provide the best quality of golden collagen chicken stock, in a safety and natural environment.

Our signature Golden Collagen chicken stock

The stock is stewed more than 8 hours until the chicken bones are fully dissolved. Eventually, chicken stock turns into a smooth and silky collagen pudding. The BIJIN NABE is a combination of the freshest vegetables, seafood and chicken cooked in our Golden Collagen Chicken Stock. We ensure that collagen will be the key of your beautiful skin and health.

Enjoy organic vegetables

In order to enjoy the natural organic vegetables grown by Singapore farmer,as well as support the organic farming producer, we have began to purchase the non pesticide, organic cultivation in Singapore.You can enjoy our BIJIN NABE with genuine organic vegetables which is safe and healthy for your body.


We're now ready to serve our Golden Collagen chicken soup in Singapore. We raise free range of JIDORI chickens in our own poultry farms,stew and the chicken stock and ship it in Singapore.So if you are feeling down, or think that your skin is under nourished, have a taste of our delicious & healthy BIJIN NABE and be instantly revitalized.


Our signature Golden collagen chicken stock is served with "Japanese OMOTENASHI” Hope you will have heart-warming dining experience with us!


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Singapore is the very first oversea branch for us,we are planning to open more outlet her in near future!We prepared to set up our own poultry farm in orversea in order to achieve our business model which is Direct Connection Business.Our goal is to expand this operation mode to worldwide market start from Asia.

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